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Keto Products Online – Top 3 Online Keto Markets

If you live in a remote area or small community that has limited options for specialty groceries, following a keto lifestyle can be difficult. Here are the top 3 online keto markets I use to support my fit keto lifestyle.

Our Top 4 Online Keto Markets

Aside from the fact that my current location makes it difficult to access keto friendly foods nearby, I have always preferred to shop online for certain types of products. 

Although I still go to local markets for things like produce and eggs, I have had better luck locating specialty keto foods and products online, and the prices are often better as well.

Much to my wife’s frustration, I take a considerable amount of time examining labels on products in the grocery store. Shopping online allows me to review and research ingredients at my leisure and compare prices from multiple retailers.

Another benefit of online markets are the customer reviews. It should be noted however that reviews are not always genuine. In some instances customers have received free products or product discounts in exchange for positive reviews, and negative reviews may be created by competing retailers. It is therefore important to examine reviews with a certain amount of skepticism.

In addition to reviews, markets like Amazon also provide a question and answer section which offers some additional benefits when researching a new product. In many instances the retailer responds directly to questions regarding the presence or absence of certain ingredients in their products, or where and how certain ingredients are sourced. 

#1 Amazon

Amazon is one of our top 3 online keto markets
Amazon Homepage

Amazon continues to be the largest online retailer in the world and offers the greatest variety of keto- friendly foods and products. 

Although some people prefer not to support such a large corporation, Amazon’s infrastructure does offer a platform for thousands of small businesses that would not be able to operate otherwise. 

Amazon is often the first place I check for a particular type of product. I  than branch out to some of the other markets on this list, or go directly to the independent retailers to compare prices. 

Amazon does not require a membership, however as a Prime Member I receive free shipping on most items and many other benefits that make up for the annual membership fees many times over. 

I also have an Amazon Prime Rewards Credit Card that has no annual fees, and offers additional savings and competitive money back benefits, especially when shopping on Amazon. 

#2 Thrive Market

Thrive Market is one of our top 3 online keto markets
Thrive Market Keto Categories

Thrive Market is a large online natural or specialty foods grocery store with more than 6,000 organic, non-GMO, sustainably sourced food products. 

For convenience, Thrive Market has curated their products into 70+ dietary categories including vegan, paleo, keto, dairy-free, gluten free, and whole30. 

Thrive Market does require a paid membership fee of $5 per month, but claims that due to their discounted prices (25%-50% below retail) a person saves an average of $32 per order. 

This expense is also easily recouped if you take into consideration the money saved by not having to travel to the store as frequently.

Thrive Market also produces their own line of products that are often of equal quality as the leading brands, but offered at a significantly lower price. They also offer a 30-day risk free trial to give new customers a chance to try things out before committing to a full memberships, and free memberships are available for teachers, students, veterans, first responders and low-income families.

Unlike Amazon, which offers free shipping for individual items, free shipping is only offered at Thrive Market on orders of $49 or more. I approach this by simply adding items to my cart as needed, and then finalizing my order once this threshold is met. 

It is slightly less convenient than Amazon, but I do value their desire to reduce the waste and fuel use associated with shipping individual items separately. 

#3 iHerb

iherb is one of our top 3 online keto markets
Keto products at iherb

IHerb is well known as a supplement retailer, but they also carry a variety of bath, beauty, grocery, baby, and even pet products and supplies. 

Product packaging and ingredient labels are displayed clearly, and due to their popularity, many of their products include thousands of reviews to help you make an informed selection. 

IHeb also offers an information blog that includes helpful articles about specific health topics and diets, including keto. 

There is no membership requirement, and free shipping is available on orders over $20.


Some of the keto products I use regularly are only available from independent brand retailers, but many can also be found at the larger markets listed above. Some of the advantages of shopping at these larger markets are the ability to compare products and brands, examine product reviews and customer Q&As, and save on shipping costs. 

These online keto markets also frequently offer discounts and sales, or rewards that can be directly applied to future purchases. 

Do you agree with our list? Where do you shop online for keto foods? Please consider sharing your experience by commenting below in order to help others living a fit keto lifestyle.

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