Free Home Workout Videos – 150+ EPIC Workouts By Caroline Girvan

After trying countless free workout videos on YouTube, and several paid programs as well, I stumbled across Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Home Workout Series, and it is an absolute GAME CHANGER. 

For anyone looking for high quality, professionally created, follow along workout programs, completely free, this one is definitely worth a try. 

In this article I will break down why I believe that Caroline’s home workout videos are better that anything else I have tried (free or paid), and how I personally integrate her workouts into my routine.

Who is Caroline Girvan?

Caroline Girvan’s Website

Caroline Girvan is a certified personal trainer, and mother of two, from Ireland. In the wake of the pandemic, and associated lockdown, Caroline began creating workout videos to help her family, friends, and clients stay on track with their health and fitness goals.

Due to the quality and accessibility of her workout videos, she became one of the fastest-growing YouTubers in the world. Her videos have been viewed in almost every country, and her channel gets nearly 300,000 views every day.

What Makes Caroline’s Workouts Different?

While there are thousands of free follow along home workout videos available online, Caroline has truly created something unique. Because her primary goal is to help people, not promote herself or sell products, Caroline offers no nonsense, straight to the point workouts, without interruptions or annoying commentary.

Here’s what you can expect from Caroline’s workout videos, and 8 reasons why you should consider giving them a try.

#1 No Repeat Workouts

My wife and I have purchased more than a dozen DVD workout programs over the years including P90X (1,2 and 3), Insanity, 21-day fix, multiple Jillian Michaels workouts, BurstFit Fire, Rushfit (George St. Pierre), The PIT, Body Beast, Skogg, and various yoga programs. 

In most instances, all you actually get are 4 to 6 different workouts and a calendar of when to do each one. After the third week of hearing the same corny jokes, commentary and music, it gets a little difficult to watch, and usually there are only a couple of the workouts in each program that you actually enjoy.

Each of the workouts in Caroline’s EPIC 1, Epic 2, and Epic Heat 10-week programs are completely unique, no repeat. With 5 workouts per week and 3 different 10 week programs, that is 150 unique workouts.

Caroline provides a few instructions at the very beginning of her videos, and then there is no additional commentary and no commercials.

#2 Complete Programs

Instead of simply doing the same 5 workouts on repeat, Caroline has created complete workout programs that are designed to become more challenging as you go. 

Her EPIC 1 program, for instance, offers 5 workouts per week. Four muscle and strength building workouts, and one conditioning high intensity interval training (HIIT) session. 

The EPIC 2 program mixes thing up a little more to keep you guessing, but each workout builds upon movements and strengths created during prior workouts.

And, her most recent program, Epic Heat, uses similar approaches as her other programs, however in response to her viewers requests, the workouts in this program are shorter (approx. 30 minutes). 

Caroline also provides multiple 5-minute warmup videos to go along with each type of workout. 

#3 High Quality Videos

Caroline’s videos include an easy to follow timer, a meter that lets you know how far along into the workout you are, and a screen in screen video that provides a visual instruction of the next exercise.

The music is upbeat and the video’s are bright and clear. The camera is positioned well to see the complete movements, and there is no fancy fake studio background to distract you.

#4 No Commercials

While most paid programs don’t have commercials, some have advertising before each video that you cannot fast forward. 

Most YouTubers insert ads into their videos to make money, and while I understand it is a business, commercials in the middle of a follow-along workout video is extremely annoying.

You may encounter a commercial at the very beginning of Caroline’s videos, however, these are easy to skip past. Once the workout starts however, there are no commercial interruptions.

#5 Minimal to No Equipment Necessary

Caroline began creating workout videos in response to the lockdown and understood that most people don’t have elaborate home gyms. Many of her workouts require no equipment at all, while others may include only a single set of dumbbells or a kettlebell.

If you are looking for a single set of dumbbells, I prefer the CAP hex rubber dumbbells available on amazon, and if you prefer an adjustable set of dumbbells, I believe Power Blocks are the best option.

#6 Exercise Variety

Caroline’s workouts include a huge variety of exercises which keeps things fresh and interesting. She focusses on functional movements that help improve mobility, minimize injuries, and create a balanced physique. 

Caroline also puts more emphasis on core strengthening exercises, glutes, and multidirectional movements than other trainers I have followed.

#7 Very Challenging

Caroline’s workouts utilize a time-under-tension/HIIT style approach. Each exercise is performed for a set amount of time, followed by a short rest. You can simply go at your own pace, and strive to eventually keep up with Caroline.

Within many of the fitness videos I have purchased, the main trainer does a couple reps and then proceeds to provide commentary on the other people in the room. The camera pans to different individuals, and you can actually see moments when the other people on the video stop working out when they know the camera is not on them. 

Caroline does all of the workouts in real time, no editing. You can see where she struggles, and where she pushes herself. This sincere approach helps keep me motivated to push harder, and shows me what it takes to reach Caroline’s level of fitness.

#8 Easy to Customize

Because the workouts are time based rather that set/rep based, it is easy to substitute an exercise if you don’t like the one presented or are unable to do it for whatever reason. You can also pause the video if needed to go to the bathroom, get some water, or just catch your breath. Can’t do that at F45.

If you don’t have time to do all of the workouts in Caroline’s programs, you can simply pick and choose individual workouts. 

Personally, I often prefer to do 2-3 full body workouts per week, and then some cardio or a HIIT workout on the weekend. I can simply select one of Caroline’s numerous full body workouts from within any of her programs.

Have you tried any of Caroline’s workouts? What are your thoughts? Are there any other free workout programs you would recommend? Please consider sharing your experience by commenting below in order to help others living a fit keto lifestyle.

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