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Will Tennyson Inspired Walking Treadmill Desk – I Bought One

For those that don’t know him, Will Tennyson is a Canadian Youtuber that creates entertaining videos in the fitness niche. The mainstay of his content has him testing popular diet and workout approaches and completing eating and fitness challenges. While many of his videos are quite silly, like the one in which he wears a fat suit and trainer vest to Muscle Beach, he does provide some solid and practical fitness advice.

Scrolling through the comments on his videos, you’ll find hundreds of people thanking him for inspiring them to work out, lose weight, and get in shape. Others toon in more for the entertainment value, enjoying his quick wit, self-deprecating humor, and the discomfort he is willing to endure for his viewers.

As with many fitness influencers and experts, Will recommends walking as a great low-impact way to burn extra calories and lose fat. In a recent video in which he shares his complete workout routine, Will also unveils his new walking treadmill desk and describes it as a “game-changer” when getting his steps in every day.

In this article, I’ll share how my reasons for buying a walking treadmill desk were linked to a bad habit I was trying to break, the exact desk and treadmill setup that I purchased (slightly different from Will’s), and whether or not I think it was worth the investment.

It Wasn’t Just About the Steps for Me

I already walk my dog twice a day, and my work often keeps me on my feet, so why would I be interested in a walking treadmill desk? The short answer is that I needed to break my evening habit of snacking while on my computer.

Whether it be for work or simply watching videos, or movies, I have a habit of snacking when I sit at my computer that I have not been able to break. The key to breaking a bad habit, as I have learned, is not increased willpower; it is to change the environment in which the habit is seeded in.

Even though I generally choose healthy foods to snack on, I wanted to eliminate snacking altogether. I have been able to curb my snacking during the rest of the day but can’t seem to avoid snacking in the evening consistently.

I usually fast in the mornings and then eat two medium to large meals later in the day. My last meal contains plenty of protein and fat; however, I still feel the need to graze in the evenings while on my computer or watching tv. I’m not necessarily hungry; I just seem to be locked into this pattern.

An Interesting Perspective on Willpower

In their best-selling book Willpower, Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney suggest that we have limited self-control or willpower. Once it is exhausted, motivation decreases, and we are more prone to making bad choices.

Highly successful people often reference this perspective when explaining why they often wear the same clothes and eat the same foods because making these seemingly little decisions each day exhausts their energy and willpower.

James Clear, the author of the best-selling book Atomic Habits, outlines small changes that help create good habits and eliminate bad ones. Ultimately it comes down to changing the environment and focussing on the process rather than the goal.

Snacking for me was connected to the activity of watching tv or working on my computer. I have been able to limit my evening snacking by simply going to bed earlier, but ultimately I need to be at my computer for work, and I am not willing to give up my evening sports, news, or movies entirely.

I had considered purchasing a walking treadmill desk setup long before seeing Will’s video, but I credit him for my decision to commit finally.

My Walking Treadmill Desk Setup

My walking treadmill desk
40″ SHW Adjustable Standing Desk + UREVO Walking Treadmill

Part of my hesitation in buying a treadmill desk combo was not knowing which ones would work well together and ultimately fit my available space. I also wanted an honest review from someone that actually owned the setup.

In his video, Will mentions that he bought the desk and treadmill separately on Amazon and even discloses how much he paid; however, he doesn’t provide any direct links. Youtubers and bloggers usually provide links to their recommended products to earn commissions.

The absence of the links suggested that he was simply sharing his excitement for the new purchase and not sponsored or pushing a sale. The only downside to this was that I had to watch sections of his video multiple times to determine which brand/model he was using.

In the end, I did end up purchasing the same standing desk as Will, which is the 40″ SHW Memory Preset Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk; however, I decided to go with a different treadmill.

While Will had chosen the Redliro under desk treadmill, I opted for the UREVO brand. Although both treadmills are nearly identical in price and rating, I felt that the UREVO had more authentic reviews and far fewer reports of motor meltdowns.

Final Thoughts on My Walking Treadmill Desk

With regards to the setup itself, it works great and fits perfectly in my office. My dog isn’t a fan of the beeping noises it makes when first starting up, but she is getting used to it.

While I still struggle with concurring my snacking habit entirely, the treadmill has helped curb it on most evenings. I now use it first thing in the morning to warm-up prior to a workout, and most evenings before bed. After walking on the treadmill for about an hour, I complete a pre-bed Alo Moves yoga routine and then take a cool shower.

This routine has dramatically reduced my stress and helps calm my mind and body before bed, which has greatly improved my sleep. The treadmill has also been particularly beneficial on bad weather days, and it doesn’t aggravate my Achilles like walking on the sidewalk does.

Obviously, there are less expensive ways in which I could have tackled my snacking habit, but adding this piece of equipment to my home gym/office has helped me create new healthier habits and for that reason, I am happy that I made the investment.

Do you own a walking treadmill desk or are you considering purchasing one? Please consider sharing your experience by commenting below to help others live a fit keto lifestyle.

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